Products And Accessories

ASPL has carved its niche in the market with a constant focus on quality of its products

Cuplock Verticals/Standards

Cuplock system is one of the leading scaffolding arrangements used worldwide. Its unique node point connection makes it the fastest, safe, most economic and versatile Scaffolding ever conceived & designed. It is fabricated out of requisite grade steel tubes i.e. “B” class. The connection point is set at 500/1000 mm intervals.

The captive mobile cups are casted out of malleable cast iron to ensure rough site handling and bottom cups of high quality pressed steel are welded.

Loose or welded EJPs are provided for trouble free and strong link between vertical (Standard) members. These verticals are used clubbing horizontal members (Ledgers) having identical, fit in, shaped forged ledger blades to fit in the cups of the verticals.

Adjustable Telescopic Props

Adjustable Telescopic Prop is one of the ideal, most economical & important part of shuttering system to support all kind of formwork to slabs, beams, walls and columns. It is fabricated out of ‘B’ Class steel tubes and is in two parts i.e.

Prop Outer & Prop Inner, the outer is fabricated out of 50NB (60 mm OD) tube having threaded/slotted top end, a malleable CI nut with handle for finer adjustment; the bottom is provided with welded 150X150X6 mm MS Flat Base Plate. The Prop Inner is fabricated out of 40NB (48 mm OD) tube having holes at a regular interval of 150 mm. The end is provided with welded U/ Flat or Beam Head. These props are available as per the following specifications.

MS Shuttering Plates

Available in 3′x2′, 3′x1.5′,and 3′x1′, Sizes.

Spigot (Joint Pin)

Adjustable Telescopic Spans

Adjustable Telescopic Span. These spans provide maximum safety with minimum supervision. Fabricated out of 2 mm sheet lattices of 10 mm bar, and main bar of 16 mm & T section of 40 x 5 mm. it needs no intermediate support to be provided. Its available sizes with their respective opening and load carrying capacity are as under.

Adjustable U-Jack (Stirrup Head)

U Head having requisite height fabricated out 100X6 mm MS Flat & Malleable cast iron Cup Type, Double Handle light / Heavy duty nut. Sizes available are 350mm length.

Adjustable Base Jack

Adjustable Base Jack fabricated out of 32.00, 36.00, 38.00 mm ø MS Bar with 4 TPI Acme/Square threads, 150X150X6 mm MS Flat Base Plate & Malleable cast iron Cup Type. Double Handle light / Heavy duty nut. Sizes available are 350 mm bar length.

MS Channel- 100mm/50mm

Steel Plat form (Challi)-

Ms chali for a make temporary platform with the help of cuplock standards & ledger using for outer wall works like plaster, glass fitting etc.

Available in sizes: 6 Feet